We believe this site contains the best information available for Hawaii specific reserve studies.  For the most comprehensive information available on the subject of reserve studies in general, please visit our national website at www.reservestudyusa.com.

Industry resource information HOA Pulse.  The most comprehensive industry resource site is HOA Pulse.  We are proud to be site sponsors of HOA Pulse, which contains current news and articles about the industry, full state statutes, case law, business directory, education, and more.

Reserve study software - Facilities 7.  We use Facilities 7 software to prepare all our reserve studies, and turn access to your internet-based program over to you upon completion of the reserve study.  We are the only reserve study company that offers this service.

Industry trade organization - Community Associations Institute (CAI) national site, and Hawaii Chapter.

International Capital Budgeting Institute (ICBI) - International organization that provides guidelines for the establishment and financial reporting of capital budgets.

Budgeting Professionals Credentialing Board (BPCB) - BPCB is a credentialing organization that issues the RRC (Registered Reserve Consultant) credentialto those indivduals that qualify by taking 24 hours of mandatory education encompassing all areas of reserve studies and passing a comprehensive test of knowledge.  RRC credential holders must follow ICBI standards.

Associated Reserve Planners (ARP-USA) is a trade organization of reserve professionals that provides education and hosts an annual conference.  ARP members must follow ICBI standards.