Hawaii Reserve Studies

Facilities Advisors International has two offices in Hawaii, Honolulu and Kona.

Honolulu Office

1003 Bishop Street, Suite 2700, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813.  Call (877) 304-6700 and ask for Gary Porter.

Kona Location

Contact Jim Bragalone in Kona for your reserve study needs.  (808)829-4551

We have been preparing reserve studies in Hawaii since 2003, and we are avilable to serve your reserve study needs.

No matter the type of association, we can handle your reserve study, and bring you more than 30 years experience plus the best software in the industry.

GAP fotoGary Porter, RS, FMP, CPA, RSS has provided financial services to associations since 1976. He has authored five books and more than 300 articles on association financial matters. He is considered to be one of the foremost financial experts for associations, and has been quoted or published in the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Money Magazine, Common Ground, The Ledger Quarterly, and The Practical Accountant. He is also the author of the American Institute of CPA’s course "Providing Services to CIRAs (Common Interest Realty Associations)." He has been performing reserve studies since 1982. Mr. Porter holds the Facilities Management Professional (FMP) credential issued by the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA), the Reserve Specialist (RS) credential issued by CAI, and is a registered Reserve Study Specialist (RSS) with the state of Nevada. Mr. Porter has been active in the industry for decades. He was a founding member of the CAI Channel Islands California chapter in 1979 and served as CAI's national president in 1998-99.  Gary Porter is the primary author of "Reserve Studies - The Complete Guide," and is president of the International Capital Budgeting Institute (ICBI) and primary author of ICBI's Generally Accepted Reserve Study Standards.

JB fotoJim Bragalone is a  third generation Hawaiian, and works from his home in Kona, providing reserve study services to all islands.  Jim has, for the last twenty years, worked primarily in the construction industry and as a products supplier to the construction industry.  Has has also worked as a manager of an association.  Jim's rich and varied background, in depth knowledge of the islands, and insight into local construction methods, products and pricing, provide invaluable knowledge and experience to the FAI reserve study team.